James Ask began his woodworking career at a young age, working with his father refinishing furniture, helping him deliver furniture and playing around with different tools in his shop. After graduating from Flathead High School he put in a 2 year degree at FVCC in Fine Arts and worked in different woodworking shops around the valley doing Log Furniture, Custom Doors, Custom Cabinets, Custom Homes, Woodcarving, Finish,  Lumber and Milling.  Every phase of the industry. Living in the Flathead Valley and seeing all the changes its went through over the last two decades, we wanted to be a part of that change.

Starting with absolutely nothing has been an impossibly tough journey. Much like other successful businesses, Lower Valley Woodworking started from a garage. An 8x10 storage shed to be exact (see photo). Working in the winter, working in rainstorms, and windy nights all inside a tiny uninsulated shed has been great to say the least.  A lot of trials and wisdom came from that place.

Eventually working a full time job, and running the shop in the weekends and evenings, it reached a point where a new shop could be built. In spring of 2010 new construction began and in the summer, a half finished 20' x 30' shop was up. The roof was done, the exterior walls were done, but the interior was unfinished.  All the tools from the shed were moved into the new shop. We were right back where we started at, but with a new shop 8 times bigger. Another miserable winter went by working during the day at a Job, and working nights and the weekends in our now mansion of a wood shop.  New jobs came in, new customers were met and new projects started. The journey continues.

We pride ourselves as honest hard workers, not high pressure sales associates. Its different buying furniture from a local guy, rather then a big box store. You meet the builder face to face and see the shop where your product is created.
One of my first jobs in the little shed
Framing in the new shop
Setting the rafters
Shingling the roof of the shop